Should you go for a car with automatic or manual gears, or one with both?

Automatic or Manual Gears?
Which is better: the automatic one or the manual one? Images by aSuruwataRi and Plus69 (via Shutterstock).

In the motoring world, there is one argument that’ll rage on for years to come. Not the differences between having a Ford Fiesta compared with a Volkswagen Golf. That of the differences between automatic or manual gears.

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How the British road numbering system works

UK Road Zones
UK Road Zones

Without road numbering zones, our journeys would be harder to complete. Imagine asking for directions, or directing drivers, without reference to A-roads, B-roads, or motorways? If you travel some distance, it would be harder than eating soup with a fork. Continue reading “UK Road Numbering Zones Explained”

Compulsory driving lessons to be added to South Africa’s high school curriculum in next academic year

South African schoolchildren are set to benefit from driving lessons. Johannesburg skyline image by Svitlana Avramenko (via Shutterstock).
Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city. From the middle of this year, the city’s high school pupils will be taught how to drive. Image by Svitlana Avramenko (via Shutterstock).

In South Africa, the Department of Basic Education has taken steps to improve road safety among its 55 million citizens. From the start of the 2017-18 academic year, driving lessons will be added to the South African high school curriculum. The reasoning behind this is the country’s high rate of road traffic accidents. 50 people a day are killed on their roads. Continue reading “Driving Lessons for South African Pupils?”

When you take driving lessons, you shouldn’t expect to take 10 lessons, your test, and pass first time. Driving tests are more complex these days, and the road system is becoming more congested. It will take as long as it takes and your driving instructor will be the person best experienced to know when you are ready. It can be intimidating learning to drive, but here’s what to expect when taking driving lessons in Gillingham:

A slow start

Your driving instructor won’t just throw you onto a dual carriage way shouting instructions – in fact you shouldn’t expect to do too much on your first lesson. If you rush to get onto the road and have an accident or bad experience, it can put you off for life, so a good instructor will start you somewhere quiet.

To study

Like it or not, and probably not, there is a theory test to pass and it doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, you will still need to pass this test. The theory test will help you drive more safely as well as pass your test, so it is well worth studying for sooner rather than later.

To learn manoeuvres

Whilst being a safe driver is important, you will need to learn the manoeuvres in order to pass the test, as well as in order to be able to park the car when you stop!

To be patient

Everyone learns at different rates and if you’re not ready even after 20 hours, you shouldn’t feel under pressure to take your test. Taking your test can be expensive and so if you take it too soon and fail, it will be money badly spent as you will just need more lessons before you take your test. Failing your test can also knock your confidence and make it harder to pass the next time.

To pass your test

Even if it’s not the first time. Whether or not you pass your test is as much about what happens on the day as anything else, so if you don’t pass first time it doesn’t mean you’re a bad driver and you shouldn’t give up.

With Drive 4 Life we try to give you the best experience of Driving Lessons in Gillingham as possible. But we understand that your first experiences of driving on the roads can be very daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post to help you when you are a novice learner.

First tip, Stay Calm. Everyone on the roads has been a learner driver, and no matter how confident they say they were on their first lesson, they will have been nervous too. Keeping calm on the road is your biggest weapon and an essential tool to be used when learning to drive in Gillingham. You’ll see things much more clearly than you would do if you were panicking a little bit. If you’re worried about anything, all you have to remember to do is breathe deeply. I know it might sound clichéd and too easy, but a nice long deep breath can instil calm upon anyone who wishes it.

Second Tip, Be Patient. When you first get in the driving seat, you’ll want to learn everything all at once and as quick as you can. This isn’t the best way to go about it. By all means be enthusiastic and curious, but also understand that as with all things practice makes perfect and you wont perfect all your manoeuvres instantly.

Third Tip, Stay Positive. People make mistakes. If you stall the car, that’s ok. If you mess up a manoeuvre, that’s ok too. It’s said that a man who makes no mistakes learns nothing, and that’s definitely true. If you stall the car when setting off up a hill, you can analyse why you stalled the car (maybe you weren’t pressing the accelerator hard enough or raised the clutch to quickly), figure out what wrong, change this and learn how not to stall the car that way again. This method of analysis, fixing and progression is particularly useful when you start your manoeuvres.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful for when you start your own driving lessons in Gillingham, feel free to comment if you have your own tips.