About Drive 4 Life Academy Driving School

DSA Approved

CRB Checked

for your re-assurance and security. Offer choice of lessons (1 hour, 2 hour, intensive)

Pick Up & Drop Off

at your convenience

No Car Sharing

A Superb Learner Car.

Our Kent Driving school uses a modern air conditioned Ford Fiesta, a superb learner car

Advice with Theory & Hazard Perception

training free of charge

Drive 4 Life Academy’s driving course

Drive 4 Life Academy has a driving course that is flexible to suit the pupils needs, this not only allows pupils to develop a full range of driving skills to enable them to drive safely and independently on today’s busy roads, but also gives them experience of driving in a variety of towns and cities.

Drive 4 Life Academy Training Programme

  • Learn to control the car, reversing exercises and junction work locally
  • Roundabout training
  • Planning and Observation training through various towns
  • Hill starts, meeting traffic and clutch control
  • Crossroads
  • Pedestrian Crossing and Traffic Lights in
  • At the end of the training programme, we’ll recommend you to book your driving test in Gillingham – when you feel confident to do so.

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