Terms & Conditions

The pupil must hold a current valid driving licence, provisional, full or international and produce it on (or in advance)  of your their first lesson. You must also bring it to each lesson.

Payments must be made in advance of each lesson i.e. monies for next lesson to be paid at previous lesson.

If you cancel/postpone a lesson for any reason at least 24 hours notice must be given, otherwise a Refund will not normally be considered unless there are exceptional circumstances for the cancellation.

If you book a course the full course fee is required. The course is not refundable if you  decide to cancel. However a full refund will be given if you have to cancel for reasons beyond your control.

Prices are

£24 per hour

£36 for 1.5 hours

£48 for  2   hours

Block Book 5 hours £115

Block Book 10 hours £230

Block Book 15 hours £345

Block Book 20 hours £460

Block Book 30 hours £690

Motorway lesson 2 hours £50

Pass Plus 6 hours   £150

Any increase in price of lessons will be notified 4 weeks in advance.

I reserve the right to postpone/cancel lessons if weather conditions are unsuitable, dangerous or hazardous, or if the vehicle has developed a fault and is in need of repair. As much notice as possible will be provided.

Dates of Theory and Practical Tests should be advised as soon as possible. However it is strongly recommended that these should not be booked until agreement between the Instructor and Pupil that they are ready to take the relevant tests.

I reserve the right to withhold my car for Driving Tests if I feel the candidate is not up to test standard.

Reasonable behaviour is expected at all times. No abusive language or threatening behaviour will be tolerated. The result will be immediate suspension or cancellation of lessons,

From time to time I may need to contact you about your lessons for instance of I’m unwell. will you allow me to store your contact details

and monitor your progress electronically. All these records will be destroyed when you pass your driving test or if we part company for any other reason.

I agree to the terms and conditions stated.





Patrick Pender

Drive 4 Life Academy

 Contact:     patrick@drive4lifeacademy.co.uk

Tel:            07814 908758