Handy tips for Driving Lessons in Gillingham

With Drive 4 Life we try to give you the best experience of Driving Lessons in Gillingham as possible. But we understand that your first experiences of driving on the roads can be very daunting. That’s why we’ve put together this blog post to help you when you are a novice learner.

First tip, Stay Calm. Everyone on the roads has been a learner driver, and no matter how confident they say they were on their first lesson, they will have been nervous too. Keeping calm on the road is your biggest weapon and an essential tool to be used when learning to drive in Gillingham. You’ll see things much more clearly than you would do if you were panicking a little bit. If you’re worried about anything, all you have to remember to do is breathe deeply. I know it might sound clich├ęd and too easy, but a nice long deep breath can instil calm upon anyone who wishes it.

Second Tip, Be Patient. When you first get in the driving seat, you’ll want to learn everything all at once and as quick as you can. This isn’t the best way to go about it. By all means be enthusiastic and curious, but also understand that as with all things practice makes perfect and you wont perfect all your manoeuvres instantly.

Third Tip, Stay Positive. People make mistakes. If you stall the car, that’s ok. If you mess up a manoeuvre, that’s ok too. It’s said that a man who makes no mistakes learns nothing, and that’s definitely true. If you stall the car when setting off up a hill, you can analyse why you stalled the car (maybe you weren’t pressing the accelerator hard enough or raised the clutch to quickly), figure out what wrong, change this and learn how not to stall the car that way again. This method of analysis, fixing and progression is particularly useful when you start your manoeuvres.

I hope you’ve found these tips useful for when you start your own driving lessons in Gillingham, feel free to comment if you have your own tips.

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