Unusual Overseas Driving Laws

Dotty driving laws from around the world

Driving laws image by Sayu (via Shutterstock).
Image by Sayu (via Shutterstock).

You might think that some of our driving laws are a bit petty. With this blog post, we at Drive 4 Life Academy suggest you ought to think again.

1. Don’t Drive Blindfolded

This law is probably quite sensible. Firstly, on our shores, you fail the driving test if you cannot see a number plate that 20 metres or (for older vehicles) 20.5 metres away. This law is enforced in Alabama.

2. On Sundays, any car but black

Staying with America, it is illegal to drive a black car on Sundays in Denver, Colorado. This driving law probably predates the arrival of the internal combustion engine.

3. In Thailand, don’t drive topless

In Thailand, you can be seen on the wrong side of the law if you drove topless. Whatever you do, keep your top on if you’re passing through Phuket.

4. If in Russia, keep your car clean

We’ve all seen lorries on the M2 or M20 with ‘Clean Me’ written in the dust. In Russia, you can be fined for having a dirty vehicle.

5. Check your car for small children hiding underneath

In Denmark, drivers are compelled to check their cars for small children or mechanics working underneath. This, to all intents, is to prevent accidents. As driving laws are concerned, unusual but fairly sensible.

6. In Luxembourg, with or without a glass windscreen, you still need windscreen wipers

Believe it or not, even cars without a glass windscreen need windscreen wipers in Luxembourg. Though a glass windscreen is not compulsory, it is against the Duchy of Luxembourg’s laws to not have wipers.

7. If in Scandinavia, keep your headlights on at all times

As the roads can get foggy rather quickly, you need to drive with your headlights on at all times in Scandinavia. Of our look at unusual driving laws, this comes into its own at winter time, where daylight can only be for a few hours.

Drive 4 Life Academy, 23 May 2017.

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