The Top 5 Mistakes Made on a Driving Test & How to Avoid Them

Driving Test MistakesDuring a driving test, it is common to make mistakes. This is because the period that you take your driving is normally short to allow you remember everything that you have been taught during your driving course. You will need a substantial amount of practice and experience for you to stop making these mistakes. The five major ones are as follows:

The Junction Confusion

When taking this test, be keen when you arrive at a junction where four roads meet. Most learners fail this part due to poor or no signalling at all and improperly reading or ignoring the road signs altogether. To correct this, always make sure that you respect the road signs. Do not be in a rush to take the lead but instead, wait for the stop sign to give you a go ahead. Signal those behind you the direction you are intending to head so that you do not find yourself colliding with drivers from other directions.

The Steering Control

Many learners always lack control in their steering. When taking your test, do not try to show how you have mastered your wheel that you only want to use only one hand. This can be done at your own time as it is more of having fun than taking a serious test. Instead, show that you are in control by using your two hands and allow good and controlled sliding of the wheel. If there are corners to be negotiated, let your moves be calculated and by no means should you let go of any of your hands.

Unnecessary Distractions When Driving

When taking road tests, many drivers are always using their electronic gadgets such as mobile phones or radios. This divides your attention and slowly you find yourself focusing more on your gadget rather than your test. This can be prevented by making sure that you switch these gadgets off before starting your test or not carrying them at all. This will in return help you to focus during the entire test which will have a higher percentage of being successful.

Poor Use of the Side Mirrors

The mirror is a very important tool in driving. However, many drivers do not use it properly, unfortunately when taking their tests. The side and the rear mirrors should be used when you are intending to change lanes and when checking your blind spot. When the blind spot and the lane you are intending to take are clear, signal the direction and change to your desired lane.

Poor Speeding

Lack of proper speeding is another contributing factor of failure in the driving tests. Some drivers use a speed that is either too slow or fast. In most cases, speed used is always too slow as cases of high speed are always rare. Make sure that you use the correct level of speed while driving. Do not be too fast or too slow. Using the correct speed shows that you are confident in what you are doing and that you are not anxious about your test.

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