Driving Test Changes To Be Aware Of

Motorways sign image by Jevanto Productions (via Shutterstock).
Driving Test Changes to be Aware of Before December 4th, 2017. Image by Jevanto Productions (via Shutterstock).

Most fatalities on our roads involve teenage car drivers with inadequate training on post-test driving skills, a reason that prompted the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency to expand its curricula to capture these concerns in driving lessons.

A survey involving the public made the following discoveries:-

• There is increased usage of independent driving instructors. They helped the young drivers in adapting to the roads.

• Majority of drivers use satellite navigation in their travelling.

• Most of the fatal accidents occur on Freeway roads.

The Effective Driving Test Changes

Independent driving test has been increased to 20 minutes from 10 minutes, giving the young drivers more time to understand the tenets of driving. This recommendation will include driving a car without continually turning directions as instructed by the examiner, which has more to do with confidence. Also, there will be a question and answer session while driving. The instructor will ask the trainee figurative and intuitive questions: figurative for gauging concurrence while driving, and intuitive to prepare for any emergency.

As the trainee moves into more advanced car driving, they will be required to use satellite navigator four out of every five times during the independent part of driving. The examiner will set it, and the trainee should follow it to the latter, save for one occasion where the trainee is required to adhere to the traffic signs. Also on advanced driving, reverse testing will not be part of the primary driving lessons but should be trained by the instructor. The test will include adjacent parking, reversing and driving a car packed against an object/structure or re-joining the traffic flow after pulling up on the wrong side of the road and reversing about 10 meters.

Why Drive 4 Life Academy Stands Out

At Drive 4 Life Academy, we boast of a Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (formerly Driving Standards Agency) certification which is an accurate reflection of our excellence and commitment to getting the best out of our trained drivers. The exposure to the versatility of our course not only gives trainees the best of driving experience but also teaches on-the-road safety measures. These driving changes recommended will show what we stand for and would depict the best in us.

What are your opinions to the forthcoming changes, particularly motorway driving?

Drive 4 Life Academy, 30 August 2017.

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