Where Most People Go Wrong on Their Driving Test

Where Most People Go Wrong on Their Driving TestDriving tests are absolutely essential if you hope to operate a motor vehicle safely on the open road. However, these examinations are also known to be quite stressful; particularly if this is your first time or if you have encountered issues in the past.

In order to avoid making the same mistakes twice, let’s take a look at some common errors. You can therefore be confident that you have taken the correct preparatory steps in advance.

A Lack of Observational Awareness at Junctions

It is important to remain aware of all vehicles and obstructions (including pedestrians) when approaching a junction. Use the appropriate mirrors and slow down well in advance. If you fail to follow these rules, the chances are high that points will be deducted.

Poor Use of Mirrors

Any quality Rainham driving school will pay close attention to how you interact with vehicular mirrors when driving. Not only will these mirrors need to be adjusted to avoid unnecessary blind spots, but be sure to use them properly when signalling, changing lanes and parking.

A Lack of Steering Control

Always keep your hands planted firmly on the steering wheel and avoid crossing your arms when turning. Failing to maintain the correct physical position can likewise result in penalties. If you need to change gears, be certain to return your hands to the wheel as soon as possible.

Failing to Properly Signal

This next error is likely the result of a bad habit or simple laziness. You should ALWAYS signal before turning; even if no other drivers are on the motorway. The same holds true for changing lanes and navigating through parking lots. While this may not seem to represent a large infraction, lost points can quickly add up.

Parallel Parking

Parallel parking is arguably one of the most difficult portions of your driving test and the best way to avoid errors is to practice in a stress-free environment (such as a vacant parking lot). The good news is that you will soon become comfortable with the mechanics involved.

Drive4Life Academy is your go-to source if you are looking for quality lessons at highly affordable prices. Perhaps more importantly, our experts will be able to identify any poor habits or mistakes from the very beginning. You can therefore remain confident that you will pass a subsequent driving test with flying colours.

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