Expert Driving Lessons in Gillingham, Kent

Driving Lessons have been around since the advent of the car and are something that Drive 4 Life Academy specialise in here, in Gillingham, Kent. We are a professional and affordable driving school with a fully qualified team of driving instructors who serve in the Gillingham, Kent area. With a tailor made programme designed to bring the best out of all our academy cadets.

Our Kent driving school ensures that you learn at your own pace, but are still pushed to learn new things whilst also practising what you’ve previously learned. This combination of old techniques and new challenges provides the perfect learning experience in your driving lessons. Drive 4 Life’s Driving School offers the best academy training programme for the Gillingham Area and other towns within the Kent vicinity.

A unique feature of this programme is that we take our pupils through various different Towns. Not only does this build the experience of their independent driving, but it also gives them real life situations in very different places.

The main features of our Kent driving school include:

  • Car Control: Working on the clutch, starting and stopping, reversing and a lot on junctions as well. This builds confidence in the pupil and is the first step in our driving lessons.
  • Roundabout Training: Roundabouts can be daunting at first, especially to new drivers so we spend extra time on this to ensure confidence when taking these on.
  • Clutch Control: We develop this quintessential skill through the use of hill starts and meeting traffic which both rely heavily on clutch control.
  • Crossroads: Like roundabouts, crossroads can be equally daunting with the hesitation and right of way quandaries that often spring up when a lot of cars meet at once.

Once you’ve graduated from our Driving School’s training programme, we will encourage you to book a driving test at any testing centre in Gillingham, Kent area.

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